Monday, December 28, 2015

Best Television Shows of 2015

Mr. Robot
The Americans
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Better Call Saul
Silicon Valley
Game of Thrones
Rick & Morty
Blindspot (first half)

There's too many television shows on TV. I couldn't possibly watch them all. There were over 400 scripted TV series in 2015. Not even the most dedicated and obsessive television viewer can watch them all. That doesn't even include the unscripted stuff like reality shows and min-series. We're living through the golden age of television just like home owners are living through the golden age of the housing market in 2007. But soon bubble will burst and the decline will come. It's inevitable, but I don't know if we've reached the peak yet. There just isn't enough viewers and creative talent out there to sustain that many. While it's possible to carry on and keep growing, growth should at least slow. There just isn't enough viewers and creative talent out there to sustain that many TV shows.

In many ways, I go on to watch what everybody else watches. Making my choices first from recommendations of personal friends or co-workers. Then I gloss over the ratings on aggregate sites like IMDB and make a decision about whether or not I'd enjoy the series based on the score and a few reviews. However I can't watch them all, and the ones I've picked are in no particular order based on what I've seen. I've decided to expand on a few.

Tyrant is the successor to Breaking Bad as the greatest drama.  Every season has built off of the last, If you've tried to watch it and have stumbled on details of plot plausibility, you're missing the point: the emotional core of the show is agonizing and spectacular. Every glance between Barry and Jamal contains multitudes. This was the best season yet, and I am positive that it will be topped as it marches towards the end.

Mr. Robot stands out as an out of nowhere series from a network brand that hasn't really pleased me with their offerings. However, it only took the first episode for me to realize how amazing the script writing was, particularly with the narration dialogue. It has some of the most trenchant observations and comments on modern day society. The series is probably one of my most anticipated shows to watch each week. The protagonist Elliot is the modern day hacker superhero, portrayed realistically.

Silicon Valley is probably the funniest show on TV this year. It takes place in the high stakes pressure city of the eponymously named show and follows the ongoings of a bunch of guys in a startup. I love it so much, probably because I find the characters so relatable. I can identify with the awkward socially challenged nerd. I can see myself at times as the ambitious middleman investor. I can definitely see the companies and brands they use as satirical versions of the real life versions.